"Information provided by my college program advisers and on-campus career development office always felt generic and out-of-touch. Having experienced professionals like Laura offer relevant, real-world advice helped me better understand the industry I was entering and how to be successful within it in." - USF Student

Environmental Student Career Coaching

What will your future self say to you?

Momentum is a key factor in staying positive in your job search and ensuring a swift transition from university to work life. The best thing you can do is start gaining momentum before you graduate. Most students face two issues after graduation from an environmental or sustainability program, 1 - they do not know what types of jobs are available to them and therefore waste a lot of time trying to blunder through the masses of information while needing a job, and 2 - they are so pressured to get a job that they are forced to take the first that they can get which is often not in an environmental career. To learn more continue reading this blog post.

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