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Step by Step Guide to YOUR Perfect Job Search Action Plan
Will you get a job without a plan? In all likelihood, yes. Will it be the life-changing, fulfilling career of your dreams? Not so likely. 

This workbook walks you through creating your personal roadmap to the environmental career of your dreams. Getting clarity on what you need to do will help to increase your excitement about your future, rather than carrying around that annoyed and frustrated feeling about your current situation. 

This resource is for everyone, whether you're about to graduate, recently graduated, or a career changer. We are all on our own unique paths, however, all of our paths have starting points and desired destinations. This workbook helps you to get a clearer vision of your desired destination and then guides you to create an action plan that makes sense for your beautiful, unique, special career and life journey!
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  1. Learn the 3 Keys to landing your dream job...
    and how to apply them to your action plan Key 1 - Knowledge, Experience, Interest Key 2 - Navigating the Industry Key 3 - Setting Yourself Apart
  2. 6 Targeted Exercises...
    will guide you to the best actions and tactics you can take to boost your career search
  3. Job Search Action Plan...
    worksheets with structure and SMART Goal format to help you get clear on your next steps
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